Antelope Valley Regional Conservation Project (AVRCP)

The Grass Reduction Program offers homeowners' in the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas (see map) a rebate for removing water-inefficient grass and replacing with drought-tolerant landscaping.  The Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District will distribute drought-tolerant plants to homeowners participating in the Grass Reduction Program  Please be advised that the rebate is not available until after completion of the drought conversion project. This means applicants will not receive a rebate until after the project is completed and post inspected. The Grass Reduction Program provides rebates on landscaping of $1.00 per square foot of front lawn removed and replaced with a water conservation landscape. The rebate for homeowners will range from $1,000 to $6,000 for front yard lawn removal and landscape installation.
Terms & Conditions



•     The property of where the turf will be removed must be within the Antelope Valley Resource

        Conservation District Service Area.


•     The Grass Reduction Program is not available where other Grass Rebates are offered  i.e,                      Palmdale Water District and LA County Waterworks District customers.       


•     The proposed project area must have a dedicated irrigation system at the time of

       application. Brown lawns are eligible if left intact. Conversions that are initiated prior to

       AVRCD inspection and approval are ineligible for a rebate.


•     A minimum of 1,000 square feet of turf area must be converted to qualify for a rebate. The

       maximum rebate amount per property is $6,000.