Conservation Garden

About the Conservation Garden:

100_0216The Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District’s goal for the Conservation Garden is to provide a variety of low water use plants that will be adaptable to the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas.  This will demonstrate attractive design and also showcase beautiful and appropriate landscape designs for the area and climate.

We have become painfully aware of the scarce resource of water in California and need to change the way we think about landscape and irrigation.  We are in our third year of drought and experts state there is no relief in sight.  We need to conserve the water we have and learn how to live with less water.  Today we search for changes that will sustain our environment and provide resources for future generations.

The key to sustainability is the use of native and low water use plant species, the use of appropriate fertilizers and herbicides, and a drought tolerant approach to landscaping and irrigation.

100_0267The Conservation Garden is the place to see these landscapes demonstrated so that everyone can have a beautiful landscape and save water.  This multi-step project will provide a much needed service to the Antelope Valley as well as provide a place for education and recreation.

Stage 1:  Planting individual gardens and demonstrating landscape design

Stage 2:  Grounds design, dedications, memorial garden area

Stage 3:  Providing educational materials and school tours to children

Stage 4:  Creating walking trails for recreation

View the Conceptual Design here:   

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We need your help!

Sponsorship Opportunities for the Garden:

Friends of the Garden

Any amount welcome - Become a friend of the garden and have your name listed in our Directory of Friends. Donate any amount you like to help support the Garden.

Sponsor a Garden

$ 2,000 - $2,499 Sponsor a garden area and your name/logo will be displayed on a sign at your garden area.

Download our brochure for information on how to donate: Our Garden is located at: Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District Nursery, 10148 West Avenue I, Lancaster, CA 93536 Photos of Garden's progress: 100_0211 100_0216 100_0267 100_0272

  • Antelope Valley - East Kern Water Agency
  • Southern California Edison
  • Quartz Hill Water District
  • Warnack Foundation
  • Palmdale Water District
  • Claudette Beck
Donations of Time & Materials:
  • Greenbee Nursery
  • Glenn's Lawn Care
  • Denise K. Designs
  • Neal Weisenberger
  • A.V. Engineering
  • Charles Beck
  • Charles Designs
  • Greg Hines

Come to our Open House at our Conservation Nursery on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and view even more progress! Thank you to our generous sponsors!