Contract Growing

We strive to keep an inventory of many standard and highly sought after drought tolerant and native plants, but your project might require that you have plant material grown contractually in order to meet your deadlines and contractual obligations.

Plants grown in the Antelope Valley (high desert region of Southern California) have high survivability rates when planted on site because of the extreme climate conditions the plants are exposed to when propagated here.  High temperatures in the summer and low to freezing temperatures in the winters provide an excellent environment for plants that will be planted in similar or more mild climates.  Our plants have had an excellent survivability rate in many different climates.

We have the ability to grow plants in any container size you need and also have the capacity to grow large quantities of plants.

Please contact us for additional information well before your scheduled planting dates.  Generally, most plant species take between 8 – 12 months to propagate and produce a one-gallon sized plant.  Smaller cell sized plants have a shorter lead time but still require a contract growing agreement.

Since most drought tolerant and native plants are not readily available, it is suggested that you contact us well before your planting date to secure your order.  We also understand that timelines change and delays occur and we are flexible in working with you to ensure your plant materials are healthy and available when you need them.

We will work with you to make your project a success!

Contact us today for your estimate.  When requesting an estimate please include the following:

Plant species name – scientific and common

Container size desired, i.e. 1-gallon

Location where plants will be planted

Estimated planting date

This can be emailed to or faxed to 661-752-8246.  For more information contact our nursery supervisor at 661-942-7306 or our office at 661-305-3405.